THERE IS NOT STORY (just a storyteller).

For 30 days, each day I’ve recorded & shot 30 minutes of playing the piano. Not playing at all before or after the recording, not preparing any ideas before recording or playing anything that is pre-written.
At the same time I wrote down each day the thoughts I had going on that day, which for me, coming un-prepared to the piano, allows these thoughts to be expressed abstractly in the music.
There is no actual story line or content just random lines of actual thoughts and ideas of the happenings of this month, which makes this to be a reality, “musical reality”.

The absent of content, story, the important of the storyteller, the audience, how the viewer is actually changing the creation & physics are just a few of the topics that are “discussed” in the piece.


Untitled is displayed in video & sound, which is the spontaneous piano recording, next to a text of the thought of the same day, divided into 30 days.